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Brickplanet Showcase - #9 The Developers Corner #1

Brickplanet Showcase - #9 The Developers Corner #1
Mr Snowfizzle in all his glory ☃️

Hello there explorers and welcome back to yet another monthly showcase! Hopefully you're in the showcase mood as we have some awesome points to go over in todays showcase, so what are we waiting for? Lets jump into this months showcase!

Game Of The Month

[INSANE]Watch's One Stage Per Difficulty Chart Obby by watch

Watch's One Stage Per Difficulty Obby is an amazing but insanely hard obby that only increases its difficulty the further you go, with the amazing collaboration skills of Watch and Lucideum, I cannot wait to see how they manage to make this harder. (I cant get pass stage 4)

With that being said, I'd like to congrate watch on winning this months GOTW! I cant wait to see how the game improves with time and I hope you all the best with future BrickPlanet projects.

Guild Of The Month

Social Cabin by Zach

Social Cabin has secured Guild Of The Month through the guilds outstanding dedication to the BrickPlanet community, with over 690 Members they are the 4th biggest guild and the number one cabin to get cozy in!

Thank you Zach and the Team at Social Cabin for the continous giveaways and being an amazing guild to the community.

User Of The Month


This showcases UOTM I've decided to dedicate to someone that I believe has done alot for the BrickPlanet Community and deserves some recognition, not only has he done a tremendous amount of work on the latest event but he has also put countless hours into making sure that everything works correctly for this event.

Everyone please give a big round of applause to Isaac for winning this showcases UOTM and thank him for the hard work he as put into this event!

Developers Corner: BrickPlanet Events!

Ever wondered what the process is like to create events? How we brainstorm ideas or how we make our ideas come to reality? Well today we will be interviewing Cardboard, The man behind the awesome builds, ideas and creativity of our festive and spooky events!

Q1: When in the process of building the Christmas/Halloween Events, How did you manage to find inspiration for your builds and what inspired you?

A1: Honestly, when building the Halloween and Christmas event maps, the hardest part for me, and something i still struggle with is,  I can't fully see an end goal. I just build tiny parts every day until eventually the days of tiny parts add up into one big whole. I got inspiration to build the little house at the start, and then i started building tiny things like pumpkins, candy, gravestones, fences, and more.
Eventually, it all became one huge thing after enough small additions. Even if this process can get discouraging, as I can never imagine what a finished map could look like, the community's overwhelmingly kind response to what I've made is so amazing, and it really motivates me more than anything to keep going.
For the Christmas map, I actually didn't think I was going to make anything. I spent a few days building a little log cabin for fun, and then realized I could put it into a snowglobe. Then, I surrounded it with little details like an igloo, a guitar, and more. Eventually, I realized it could be a really cool map to celebrate Christmas!

Q2: How accesible and reliable would you say the workshop is for creating and innovating and is it beginner friendly?

A2: The workshop is really reliable for one huge reason. InsDel, the developer, constantly has open ears and is always listening to feedback and adjusting QUICKLY. He is always adding features to raise the accessibility level like the recent addition of collision detection in building, and he is so kind as to talk to you directly in the discord server to help you with any issues you map have. Building just like anything, takes practice.

Q3: Do you have any upcoming game ideas or updates?

Unfortunately, I don't have any BrickPlanet updates currently. I just started my spring semester at college, and it's been extremely busy. I've also sadly had some unknown issues with my laptop, that runs my detailed games on BrickPlanet pretty poorly, I'm pretty sure it's a storage thing, so I need to get on that quickly! I hope to build something when I'm not so busy and overwhelmed :)

Thank you so much to Cardboard for his contribution to BrickPlanet and his kind words, hopefully we see more amazing things from you soon when your laptop is fixed.

Contributor Of The Month!

That's right, we heard you and now we are giving users that contribute to BrickPlanet a chance to shine and be recognised for their greatness.

For more information on how you can qualify, check out our most recent forum post here.

Brickplanet Halloween Winners!

After a few mishaps and delays with the monthly showcases, we are finally able to reveal and announce the winners of the Halloween Costume Event! So be prepared to be spooked and shocked by the creativity!

The Grimmest Reaper By Nomcil

Halloween Horseman By Ify

Ruh Roh! By Chad

Thats it for today BrickPlanet!

That wraps up this showcase! If you feel like you have a creative bone or have something you want to be featured be sure to post it on my profile! I'm always looking for new clothing, models, users and developers to interview.

Congratulations to all those who have been featured in this showcase, enjoy your Trophy and Badge.