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Brickplanet Showcase - #10 We've reached 10 Showcases!

Brickplanet Showcase - #10 We've reached 10 Showcases!

Hello explorers and welcome to the 10th ever Showcase! It's a milestone for the community and im very glad we've made it to this point, I hope we can continue to grow and be a crucial part in BrickPlanets future. But enough yapping, lets get into this months showcase!

Game Of The Month

Sandbox v1.7.1 By Hivemind

Sandbox v1.7.1 is a game that allows you to let your creativity come to life, with the abilities to change shapes, recolour and absolutely nuke everything you've made I would consider this game one of the most developmentally pleasing I've seen.

With a mix of the calm nice music and the aura of this game I could see myself sitting down for hours and working on building something awesome, not only that but to see a game come so far within BrickPlanet is so pleasing to see and I cant wait to see what others/Hivemind makes in the future.

Dont mind the J I couldnt figure it out for the life of me!

Guild Of The Month

Developers Union By Dolla

Developers Union is an up and coming guild that I believe has huge potential to become a vital part of Brickplanet. Developers Union is a group that will/is allowing developers to unite and help other members in the community and for that Im awarding this months GOTM to Developers Union!

I cant wait to see how this guild progresses and Im very excited to see how it pans out, congratulations to Dolla and the team!

User Of The Month


Dolla is an amazing user and a prospect in the Brickplanet community, consistently he has shown activity, diligence and always proven to be a helping hand within the community.

I constantly only hear and see good things about this user and that is why Im awarding him the UOTM award, congratulations and thank you for all you've done!

BrickPlanet Community Feedback: Gamenights!

We need our community to answer this short form on how they feel about gamenights within Brickplanet, they will work as following:

Every week/month we will get together and play games on Brickplanet chosen by the community in a majority vote, users will then join the said game and objectives will be set.

Users that show outstanding skills or understanding of the game will be awarded with a special reward 👀

Brickplanet Gamenights
Please answer truthfully and to your fullest extent! It helps us understand what the community wants more!

That's It for today BrickPlanet!

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for your contributions to Brickplanet. If you'd like a chance to be featured please feature your content on my Brickplanet profile so I can go ahead and check it out.