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Brickplanet Showcase - #11 Game Night Feedback!

Brickplanet Showcase - #11 Game Night Feedback!

Hello explorers and welcome to this months spectacular showcase! Today we have alot of special topics to cover and one that will surely spark the creative bone in alot of people, so what are we waiting for? Lets get right into this month's showcase!

Game Of The Month

Survive the Disasters! By pomatthew

Do you think you have what it takes to survive the disasters? Are you able to survive the harsh weather conditions or the Evil Balls that lurk? If so this game is perfect for you!

With some excellent scripting work from a very talented pomatthew, Survive the Disasters is a very well made and designed game with some awesome creativity with the disasters.

Ez - Meteor Shower
Shorty after this photo the Evil Balls got me :(

Guild Of The Month

Great People Resistance By imooi2mobile

This Guild Of The Month I've dedicated to a community that I believe will go extremely far, with an awesome idea, game and outfits the GPR fights the evil in BrickPlanet! Keeping our Planet and our very own Planetarians safe from all the dangers that might lurk in the shadows..

Congratulations to imooi2mobile and the team at Great People Resistance, I'm very excited to see how the games and community turns out and thanks for the awesome solider outfit!

"Warriors we stand, legends we fall"

User Of The Month: Community Trooper


Zann is a very well known user within the BrickPlanet community and a staple, time and time again Zann has shown the ability to help new/other users and has shown a significant amount of activity and dedication to BrickPlanet.

Zann is a very influential character in the BrickPlanet and Trading scene, being #1 on the leaderboard with a value of over 1,071,490 Credits, what a record!

BrickPlanet Community Feedback: Gamenights!

Thank you to all those that answered the form and helped us gather some ideas, this will help us to host more events and gamenights for our awesome community.

If you'd like to input on gamenights, feel free to by clicking the link here: we need all the feedback we can!

Brickplanet Gamenights
Please answer truthfully and to your fullest extent! It helps us understand what the community wants more!

That's It for today BrickPlanet!

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for your contributions to Brickplanet!

If you'd like to be featured in a showcase do not fear to showcase your content! We are always looking for new inventors to be featured.