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Brickplanet Event: Obby Building Contest! 🛠️

Brickplanet Event: Obby Building Contest! 🛠️
Escape Hell Obby created by 10

Join our classic building contest featuring our popular Obby event!

Be one of the 15 winners and showcase your building skills creatively.

The top 10 winners will receive a special Obby crown while the remaining 5 will earn 2,000 credits.

Remember to follow the rules:

1 - Create only one obby per user

2 - Limit your obby to 20 stages (you can do more stages but we will only count 20)

3- Be original by avoiding copying and cheating.

The contest starts today 24th April until the 30th. The voting will be made by staff.

Here is how to join

Step 1: Create your awesome obby

Make sure to open up our workshop and get creating! If you have no ideas fear not, you have until the 30th of April to finish your awesome creations.

Step 2: Join and verify the Brickplanet Discord

Once you are finished creating your spectacular obby, head to the Brickplanet Discord here and verify, once you do that send the link to your obby in the #obby-event-creation channel and our staff will get to work trying them out.

Bam, it's that easy!

Once you've completed these steps the only thing to do now is wait as we finish voting for our winners.

Good luck to all those who choose to enter, I wish you all the best with your obby.