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Weekly Updates (Apr. 18th-25th)

Welcome to this week's changelog! Here are the most significant updates and changes that were made to BrickPlanet this week:

Game Updates

  • Player In Air Movement adjusted (drag)
  • Nametag color sync with Team Color
  • Camera first person improved

Scripting Updates

  • AddForceAtPosition added
  • Player OwnsGamepackage Function added
  • Preset scripting colors (PartColor.Red, PartColor.Blue, etc) added
  • Camera Position, Rotation, and Forward rotation access added

Game Bug Fixes

  • Sounds fixed
  • Texture loading and mesh loading revamped
  • Place Spawns not working fixed
  • Text3D fixes and improvements
  • Profanity filter improved

Website Updates

  • Removed send trade fee for free players
  • Added weekly updates to dashboard
  • Added the ability to create game packages**

**Note: Game packages sales are currently not eligible for USD cash out, but we are actively working on a plan to make it eligible in the near future. Meanwhile, creators can still earn Credits.

Website Bug Fixes

  • Added profanity filter to DMs to reduce bad messages
  • Fixed issue with Recently Played games not sorting correctly on the home page

Thank you for reading our first weekly updates blog post! We're excited to keep you informed about all the latest changes and improvements we're making to our platform. Our goal is to continuously enhance your experience, and we hope these weekly updates will give you a glimpse into our ongoing efforts. We'll be posting new updates every week, so be sure to check back often to stay up-to-date. Thanks again for your support, and we can't wait to show you what's next!