Brickplanet Showcase #6 - Streaming and Leaking!

Hello Planetarians!

Welcome to the sixth article of the planet-wide sensation, Brickplanet Showcase! A week's gone by fast once more, and this week we have some exciting news to bring up regarding the future of Brickplanet, along with our giveaway winners, with the usual content showcases of course, so without further a do let's get into it!

What's New?

Brickplanet Streaming on Twitch!

Brickplanet streamed on Twitch this Saturday and we had a blast! We played games, hosted giveaways, minigames, and answered some of your questions regarding the future of Brickplanet! We thank you all for attending.

We also hosted an item vote between three shiny and great looking items, the votes are in, and the people chose the Laurel Wreath of Victory! What a fitting name for such a glorious feat.

Item Leaks

As we make our way into the week of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and overall Holiday Cheer. We've decided to start showing off some of the great times you'll be able to pick up early on both our twitch and discord medias!

What items are you excited for this holiday season?

Black Friday Sales approaching!

Black Friday sales have approached Brickplanet as we jump into the Thanksgiving Week! Make sure to check out our blog post on it. This sale is filled with tons of item deals, real life purchase discounts, and two new shiny crates releasing soon!

Brickplanet Showcase Giveaway

Congratulations to Venom_Snake, zachary, and Nicolito on winning our first Brickplanet Showcase giveaway! Winners have received 1,000 credits. We'll be hosting more of these as the show goes on so stay tuned for future additions.

Content Spotlight

Welcome to the Content Spotlight, here you'll find all the same nominations you're used to finding on Brickplanet Showcase, however we've also mixed it up by featuring some past games and events held by users!

Game of the Week

Welcome back to the weekly spotlight on some Brickplanet Games. Brickplanet has some great games to hangout and socialize with your friends, this week I went around to find some of the greatest places to have a great time in Brickplanet and with it I found this week's winner...

The Planetarian Hangout and Cafe

Created by Groups

Welcome to the Planetarain Cafe! This place is one of the best to hangout with it's bright atmosphere and it's embedded planetarian culture, and it's weekly updates. This game is one of the most well mantained and well managed games in all of Brickplanet! If you're looking to hang out with some friends or make new ones, make sure to check out this awesome game!

Check it out here!

Game Showcase

Welcome to your weekly blast to the past! While socializing in your local Planetarian Cafe is a blast, some people look for adventure in their socialization times here at Brickplanet, and today we're here to highlight a game from the past that does just this! This week's spotlight is..

American Ninja Warrior

Created by Cousin

This game is one of the oldest and yet most fun obbies on Brickplanet with it's challenging obstacles and nicely designed stages. In this game you go through the american ninja warrior course and try to survive! This game is an old favorite and a great place to revisit with your fellow planetarians!

Check it out here!

Group of the Week

Speaking of socialization, one of the best ways to get together with your fellow planetarians is through communities! Whether you like to trade, develop, forum, research, or all of the above, there's a group for you. This week's winner is...


Created by BloxMadness

Country is one of the most social groups currently on Brickplanet, with active contests, giveaways, and a dedicated discord, there's always fun going around! They host game nights as well as contests often, check it out if you're looking for a group that's sure to have a fun time!

Check it out here!

Clothing of the Week

Clothing is one of the biggest things to get involved in on Brickplanet, there's hundreds to thousands of them with a lot of those being awesome quality. Shirt creators are an important thing to brickplanet and we will showcase those we find the greatest and hardest working here all one day. Today's winner is...

Black Suit (BUNDLE)

Created by dustpowder

This Black Suit bundle is one of the cleanest bundles on brickplanet! With over 300 sales, it's also one of the best selling bundles to release since they were fixed earlier this week. It's a great suit and if you're looking to stay classy and snazzy on Brickplanet, make sure to try it out!

Check it out here!

User of the Week

The biggest nomination of all, there's many great users on brickplanet, whether they're active in foruming, trading, creating, etc. and excellence on brickplanet is something Brickplanet Showcase looks for all the time. This week's winner is....


Groups is a user who's been on Brickplanet since Brickplanet was born! As a former admin of both Blox City and Brickplanet, he's a very helpful user who's always around in the community to forum and give feedback! He's also one of the greatest builders on Brickplanet and has made some great games. Congratulations Groups and thanks for making Brickplanet a better place!

It's a Wrap!

Thanks for reading the third article of Brickplanet Showcase! We'll continue to improve with your feedback and suggestions.

Our next article will be on December 1st, we will make sure to try and keep this weekly schedule, however if we have to delay or are unable to meet a date, we'll keep you guys posted in our Brickplanet Showcase discord server!

Until next time, farewell Planetarians!