Welcome Back to Brick Planet

Hey there Planetarians,

Apologies for this late post. It was only recently that we finally got the blog up and running again and we figured our first post should be us celebrating the re-launch of the site. We're glad to see you've returned!

We want to thank everyone who has stuck with us through the last few months. As many of you may know, we were forced to close down the site this past August due to matters far from our control. I think it's important for you guys to know that the site has never shut down by choice - there has always been something that stood in our way and prevented us from keeping Brick Planet around like we would have loved to.

There's been a lot of confusion when players are logging back into their account and realizing that their stuff is.. well, "gone". Let me explain that to you guys. When we relaunched the site, we had a community vote on our Discord server asking whether or not we should wipe the site (preserving certain things, like player accounts) and the majority were in favor of doing such. Any bit & credit purchases you made were reimbursed to your account, as well as clothing sales (up to 25,000 bits). Note that there will be no further wipes and we apologize for any inconvenience.

We're back and better than ever. We're working to squashing some bugs and glitches that have arose as a result of the re-launch, as well as setup some things that still require attention (the game thumbnail server, for one). Thank you for your patience, as the developers are working as fast as they can to resolve everything. They've also been hard at work creating new features for you guys.

Our highly-anticipated macOS and Linux client have entered their testing phases and we're hoping to release them to you guys in the coming weeks. You may have also noticed some smaller things around the site, like the ability to rate games. We're also redesigning the site from the ground up to make things smoother for everyone in the long run.

On behalf of the Brick Planet Staff Team, I'd like to say it again: thank you. We're excited for what the future has in store. Stick around!