Remember to use the Report System

Are you a model Planetarian? If so, we need your help keeping our community safe!

The first step in helping us keep the community safe is to not break any rules yourself. If you know what you're doing is wrong, just don't do it.

Secondly, if you notice someone breaking the rules, send in a Report of the offensive content using the flag icon. Every Report you submit, we review the report and take appropriate action, such as a warning to a ban, and or even account termination. Replying to a bad thread or engaging in any bad content is just like adding  fuel to the fire. The best thing to do is just report anything you see wrong and go on with your day, we'll handle the rest!

The Report button is a small flag that is found throughout the site and it helps report anything in violation of our Terms of Service to our staff members. Our Report system is featured on every page that includes user content, so there are different ways to report different content. Remember, anything you see that violates our Terms of Service should be reported.

Once on the report page, before sending in the Report you will have to select a category for the content you're reporting. After clicking on one of the reasons, you can leave us a brief description of the content you're reporting, this helps us handle the situation.

This content contains bad word(s)

  • Any use of profanity will not be tolerated on Brick Planet. Bypassing the filter to post profanity will result in moderation action against your account.

This content is inappropriate

  • Any inappropriate content will not be tolerated. This includes sexually explicit content or material, and discussion about illegal substances or alcohol.

This content is harassing me or somebody else

  • We at Brick Planet do not condone in bullying. Any harassment/bullying in-game or on the site should be reported and ignored until a moderator takes appropriate action.

This content includes personal information

  • We respect the privacy of our users so you should too. Requesting or sharing personal information violates our Terms of Service.

This content is spam

  • Anyone posting content that has no discussion value or repeatedly should be reported as we do not tolerate spam of any sort.


  • Don't see the correct category for the content you're trying to report? Select on the OTHER option and write us a brief description of why you think it is breaking the rules.

When reporting a community, click on the three dots beside the Group name, which is located on the top right of your screen, a drop-down menu will appear with the report button.

When reporting a user click on the Flag on the top right side of the user's avatar on their profile page. This report button is on every user's profile page besides Brick Planet staff members.

We allow the community to have discussions with their friends on the forums. Any threads or posts that you see that are in clear violation of the rules should be reported. You can report a forum thread or post by clicking on the flag icon on the right side of each post/thread.

Feel as if you were moderated unfairly?

We allow users to appeal a moderation action by sending an email to [email protected] Be sure to include your Brick Planet username in the email before sending it in.

Remember, falsely reporting any type of content can possibly lead to a moderation action against your account.

Thanks for helping us keep Brick Planet safe!