Introducing BrickPlanets Trick or Treat Event!

Hey Planetarians!

Welcome to the newest thrill of Brickplanet, the spine chilling and most rewarding event of them all, the Brickplanet Trick or Treat event! Grab your trick or treating bags, get your costumes on, and set out in the world of BrickPlanet to discover some new treats and tricks!

What is BrickPlanet's Trick or Treat event?

BrickPlanet's Trick or Treat event is all about fun! On the BrickPlanet website you'll find candy ranging from Lollipops to Candy corn! Every time you collect one of the candies it automatically turns into our new temporary currency, Skullbux!

If you'd like to find your place on the Skullbux leaderboard or the awards that'll be available, check out our new fancy Trick or Treat Event page to find out more!

What kind of candy are we hunting for?

  1. Yellow and Red Sweet-Tart: 1 equals 1 Skullbux
  2. Candy Corn: 4 equals 1 Skullbux
  3. Green Lollipop: 1 equals 5 Skullbux
  4. Red Lollipop: 1 equals 5 Skullbux
  5. ASTRO-ONLY Orange and Black Candy Bar: 1 equals 10 Skullbux
  6. Blue and Purple Sweet-Tart: 1 equals 1 Skullbux
  7. Green and Purple Jawbreaker: 2 equals 1 Skullbux

What are Skullbux?

Skullbux is the new limited time currency you can use to cash in for some Halloween Treats in the form of items. You can only earn Skullbux by finding the candy hidden around the site.  All items and rewards can be found on the new Event page.

Can I view how much Skullbux I've earned?

You can view your current Skullbux amount by checking on the top right of your screen where Bits and Credits are located. You may also be able to view your total amount of Skullbux collected by viewing the event page.

What are the rewards?

Now that you've read the basics, we know what you hungry trick or treaters are wondering, what is the treat in the event?

There are 13 new Halloween items that can be bought with the new limited time Skullbux currency, these items will never be on sale again after the event! However a few might go unique later on..

You can only redeem 1 item of each per account, and the account must be made before October 11th

Throughout the event new contests and giveaways will also be opening up as an opportunity for you fellow hunters to get in the spo0ooky spirit! New and returning Halloween items will be releasing in the shop throughout the event.

You'll also be able to pick up 2 special achievements that will never be available again! These are the Trick or Treater and Skull Master achievements.

How long will the event last?

The Trick or Treat event will run from October 12th to November 3rd! So be sure to collect as much candy as possible!

Looking for some spooky Halloween Games to play on Brickplanet over the season? No worries, we've got you covered! Check out the 3 titles we've lined up with the help of some talented Brickplanet builders to bring you a fun place to take pictures in and get that Halloween vibe.

Halloween Blog Scene

This mysterious hallway created by user FrancklinDay has some secrets and history behind it, what you may find is unknown...

Brick Manor

This spooky game made by user DisneyWorld features a Grave Yard, in a forest, with Brick Manor itself! Check it out and look around.

Spooky Mansion

This thrilling game made by user bags features a mansion with some spooky aspects to it, an overgrown tree, spider, spiderwebs, pumpkins, and even the graves of fallen ones can be found here! Check it out.

Now that you've read all the information, stop by the website and start collecting candy! Many Tricks and Treats await you...

Good Luck Planetarians!