Instagram Avatar Contest Winners

Hello Planetarians!

We recently set up a challenge through our Instagram where users could present their best fashions and outfits. We've had fun going through and checking out these dazzling creations and today we've picked 5 winners who's outfits really make the stage shine!

Who won?

Remember that all winners will be receiving  1000 Credits, the BP Camera item, and a feature on today's blog post! But that's not all! All participants will be getting a surprise Camera Head item! Enjoy.

So without further ado, the winners are..


This avatar features some of the greatest drips on Brickplanet, literally! The interesting red to black drip clothing with the devils horns and overall color scheme makes this outfit awesome! Great Job, Armadillo!


This avatar has some of the previous event's greatest relics, the winning items! The mix of obby crown, crystal pumpkin, and overall purple blend with the Arcanus Antlers is a very satisfying look indeed! Great Job, wonk!


This dark and mysterious avatar is a neat one to say the least. It's galaxy clothing and hood bring it together to be a very simple yet sleek outfit that we can definitely see more planetarians checking out. Great Job, nathos!


This spooky outfit is one that highlights some of the greatest items from our Trick or Treating times on Brickplanet! This dark robed figure with bat wings and a menacing evil scythe is sure a great avatar to rock if you're trying to give someone a spook! Great Job, Venom_Snake!


This final avatar has a great mix of Black and Red, with the Akatsuki robe and the vampire collar, it sure comes in style! The devious eyes and anime boy hair also mix very well. Overall a great outfit! Great Job, loves!


Thank you all for participating in our Instagram Avatar Contest! We had a great time looking around and seeing your unique and stylish avatars and we hope to allow more creation in the future!

Until next time, Farewell, Planetarians.