Brick Planet's Halloween Story Contest Winners!

Hello, Planetarians!

As you may have known, we recently set up a challenge for all authors and writers alike to publish and submit their own best selling thrillers for the world of Brickplanet to see! We've seen many great stories from the community from the tales of old items' lore to the development of expansive worlds. We've seen it all and have enjoyed the creativity and compassion put into this contest.

We've read all 81 submissions, and are ready to show the 5 users' who's stories are so great that they could make future Brickplanet books. All 5 winners will receive the Book of Untold Stories item and a new winner achievement, featuring the first ever Pumpkin Shaped achievement!

Don't worry, all authors who got to work and made a mysterious Brickplanet Halloween story of their own will also receive a participant achievement.


The Overlord's Promise, 6 Chapters - 3_D

Welcome to the thrilling experience created by user 3_D! This story details the lore of the cynical Overlord, the effects of the mysterious Headless Horseman's Doppelganger, and ties in Brickplanet culture featuring several users and items!

Twisted Tales: The Evil Within... - Malcolm

Jump into the fantastic spectral of Twisted Tales: The Evil Within.. created by user Malcolm! A story following the character Tom in his school as weird spooky twists start to break in, with the mysterious shadowy figure even challenging Tom and the cast!  

The Mythical Pumpkin - FrancklinDay

Follow the story of the mythical pumpkin written by the user FrancklinDay of the Pumpkin item, well... the secret powers of the Pumpkin Item and what victims will be at it's reach!

The Cave Monsters Strike - bags

Take a look at the newly expanded lore made by user bags behind the mysterious Cave Monster helm, what secrets does it hold, and who are the creatures behind the helm? This story also has many references to groups, users, and overall mixes great!

Faceless Man - Zenitsu

Read the short but spooky story behind the Faceless Man created by user Zenitsu... will you win or will you lose? That is the question.

That's all our best sellers this time! We thank all participants for taking part in the contest, and as a thank you for particiapting, we're giving all authors who submitted a story the participant badge, which is another pumpkin shaped badge!

Thanks again for participating, write on!