Brick Planet's Obstacle Building Contest

Hey there, Planetarians!

We're proud to announce that we're hosting a very special Brick Planet building contest! We want you guys to push your imaginative minds to the limit and create some of the most enjoyable obstacle course games we've ever seen. Yep, that's right Obbys! Do you have what it takes to create Brick Planet's most spectacular Obstacle Course ? If so, Participate for a chance to win special rewards!

What to do?

Create a obstacle course game with at least 10 stages (Checkpoints) and include  ( BrickPlanetObbyContest ) in your title of your obby . Another one of the requirements we're asking for is that you just be creative. Don't worry about getting the most visits, or having the best stages! As long as your game is fun, you have nothing else to worry about!

How to add Check-Points:

Need help on trying to figure out how to add check points to your Obby? No worries! Check out the video below by Brenden.

How to add Check Points to your game

Contest duration:

Winners will be picked on Wednesday, September 10, 2019.

That means you have exactly 21 days to make a masterpiece!

What are the contest requirements?

  • Must include: BrickPlanetObbyContest in the title of your game
  • Entries must be submitted before September 4th, 2019.
  • Entries must have at least 10 Stages, give us a challenge!
  • Be creative! That's the only thing we'd be judging you guys on.
  • One Entry Per Person

What are the rewards?

Top 3 Contest Winners will receive:

  • A special Obby Crown!
  • Contest Winner Achievement
  • 500 Credits
  • Game will be showcased in the winner announcement blog post.

All Participants will receive a special achievement for taking part in the contest.

We will be picking 9 different games that fit the categories of: First place, Second place, and Third place.  3 Games will be nominated for each place, Users will then be allowed to vote for the top 3.

The staff team is super excited to introduce these events coming to our platform, and we look forward to bringing more of these exciting festivities for the community to enjoy!

Good luck, planetarians!