Brickplanet Showcase #7 - Sales and Games

Hello Planetarians!

Welcome to the seventh article of the planet-wide sensation, Brickplanet Showcase! A week's gone by fast once more, and this week has been a cool one with Thanksgiving Items, Black Friday Sales, new site updates, and so much more! We've also decided to include another giveaway in this showcase, so stay tuned! Without further ado let's get into it!

What's New?

Brickplanet Site Updates

Brickplanet recieved more updates this week, this update includes improvements to embeds through twitter, discord, etc., workshop fixes, mobile site improvements, and some other changes we've highlighted below.

Thumbnails for all Brickplanet games will now render, apond making a game your thumbnail will be created and added. Go around and check out some of the thumbnails to your favorite games!

Additonally, servers for games are now available and you can join a specific server you might see planetarians in.

Our Credits and Bits logos have changed around the site, it's out with the old and in with the new as we welcome the new shiny currency icons in.

Net Worth is now calculated in Credits as well! Watch the numbers rise...

Another Brickplanet Stream!

Brickplanet hosted another stream this saturday November 30th, where we played some fun games, gave away lots of items, and even held another item vote. The winner being Astronomical Planets.

Brickplanet Black Friday Sales

Brickplanet's store has had a busy week! With two crates, tons of deals, and thanksgiving. The Black Friday sale has seen over 40+ items made on discount, released, or even gone unique! It's been a great time and we hope you guys are in the spirit!

Brickplanet Showcase Giveaway #2

It's time for another giveaway! In celebration of Black Friday and the holidays, we're holding another giveaway for 1,000 credits! If you'd like to enter, simply comment "Showcase" and your favorite nomination category on this post, 3 winners will be chosen and announced next Brickplanet Showcase, good luck!

Content Spotlight

Welcome to the Content Spotlight, here you'll find all the same nominations you're used to finding on Brickplanet Showcase, however we've also mixed it up by featuring some past games and events held by users!

Game of the Week

Welcome back to the weekly spotlight on some Brickplanet Games. Brickplanet has some great places shining with building and scripting, but how would it look if some exciting action was put into it? This week I checked out some of Brickplanet's top games that keep you running, and with it found today's winner...

Speed Run 2

Created by Elusive Studio (Perilous)

Speed Run 2 is a Brickplanet game currently being built apond, even in it's early stages the building is amazing and similar to the first Speed Run, it's gameplay is exciting and a great experience if you're in a game with some fellow Planetarians!

Check it out here!

Game Showcase

Welcome to your weekly blast to the past! Speaking of action in games, obbies have always been a tough and exciting spectacle to get into on Brickplanet, and today we've found an obby from the past that keeps you moving!

Escape The Noob Obby

Created by SlyRatchet

The Escape The Noob Obby is an old time classic with over 16.7k visits! In this game you go on an exciting obstacle course to escape the giant noob! The building is really well done for it's time and the obstacles are not the easiest! Give it a try if you're looking for a fun challenge.

Check it out here!

Group of the Week

Speaking of games, there's many great studious out there working endlessly to provide entertainment to the brickplanet platform, and with many producing quality over quantity. Today's winner is...

Obby Builders

Created by pomatthew

Obby Builders is a group that has consistently brought out great titles, with Survive The Disasters, The Floor Is Lava, Twitter Simulator, Falling Swords, and even Zombie Infection for the brickplanet halloween event, it's a very dedicated group and we can't see what else comes from the studio!

Check them out here!

Clothing of the Week

Clothing is one of the biggest things to get involved in on Brickplanet, there's hundreds to thousands of them with a lot of those being awesome quality. Shirt creators are an important thing to brickplanet and we will showcase those we find the greatest and hardest working here all one day. Today's winner is...

Red Camo Jacket w/ Avocet T-Shirt

Created by Avocet (spill)

This stylish outfit is one of the greatest on Brickplanet! With a spot on our Featured Clothing category and over 1,000 sales, this shirt is one that is sure to meet your needs. It's clever red camo pattern with the Avocet shirt makes for a nice look and if you're looking to get some style yourself I suggest giving this shirt a try!

Check it out here!

User of the Week

The biggest nomination of all, there's many great users on brickplanet, whether they're active in foruming, trading, creating, etc. and excellence on brickplanet is something Brickplanet Showcase looks for all the time. This week's winner is....


DisneyWorld is one of the most active and informative users on the website! From being an active helper in the development community, foruming, and keeping up information on Brickplanet events such as our Trick or Treat event and our Black Friday Sales, DisneyWorld is a user you may very well come across and has even been featured on Showcase previously! Congratulations to DisneyWorld, thanks for being an awesome planetarian!

It's a wrap!

Thanks for reading the third article of Brickplanet Showcase! We'll continue to improve with your feedback and suggestions.

Our next article will be on December 8th, we will make sure to try and keep this weekly schedule, however if we have to delay or are unable to meet a date, we'll keep you guys posted in our Brickplanet Showcase discord server!

Until next time, farewell Planetarians!