Brick Planet Showcase #5 - Item Games

Hello Planetarians!

Welcome to the fifth article of the planet-wide sensation, Brickplanet Showcase! A week's gone by fast, and as part of our new series, these are now weekly! We've got lots to talk about and lots of Brickplanet Content to showcase in this article, so without further ado let's get started!

What's New?

Instagram Avatar Contest

Brickplanet has started a new contest! In this contest you'll be making your best avatars, and posting them on instagram! We're excited to see the great styles you'll come up, learn more about the contest, what to earn from it, and how to participate here.

New Item Votes and Unlocks

Here at Brickplanet, we know you guys like items, and a lot for that matter! This week we've started some new events for getting new items that now involve the voices of you and your fellow planetarians!

We hosted our first item unlock on Instagram this weekend, which required 100 likes. You guys broke through it and in turn the new unique item X-Ray Heat Targeting Elite Spec Lenses were released!

We've also started hosting our first item vote on our Twitter, where it's a battle between two fantastic looking accessories! At the time this is released the vote it still on and you can vote on which item you'd like to return here.

Overall, we're excited to be giving you guys these new opportunities and we'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future additions! Let us know in our suggestions subforum!

Website Updates

New updates were made to the Brickplanet website this week! These updates include some bug fixes and new features! Here's a few of the new things added in the update:

Serials for Uniques

Serials are now live and you can see them in multiple places, the trade tab, backpack, unique page itself, and item owners tab of the unique page have all been updated to now feature these important statistics. What's the highest serial you've found to own?

Inbox Feature

The Inbox feature has been fixed and is now available for all to use, use this nifty feature to have direct messages with Planetarians, or if you're feeling social start a group chat!

We hope you enjoy these new changes to the website and we hope to implement more based off your feedback and suggestions in the future!

Brickplanet Showcase Giveaway

It's time for a giveaway! In celebration of Brickplanet Showcase returning, we're holding a giveaway for 1,000 credits! If you'd like to enter, simply comment "Showcase" on this post, 3 winners will be chosen and announced next Brickplanet Showcase, good luck!

Content Spotlight

Welcome to the Content Spotlight, here you'll find all the same nominations you're used to finding on Brickplanet Showcase, however we've also mixed it up by featuring some past games and events held by users!

Game of the Week

We're here once again, another game, another week. This week I checked out a bunch of games that had excellent scripting and game mechanics, there we a lot and today I'd like to show one to you all. This week's winner is....

Custom Duels

Created by DisneyWorld & pomatthew (Planetarian Designs)

This game is one of the greatest places to duel it out and have fun with your friends! In the game there are 4 arenas each able to hold allowing for 8 players to duel it out at once, you can either duel with your friends, or watch from the sidelines and cheer on others.

This game has been updated numerous times and is fully scripted so you and your friends can have a smooth and exciting game! Awesome job to the people behind Custom Duels.

Check it out here!

Game Showcase

Welcome to your weekly blast to the past! A lot of old Brickplanet games utilized the building tools of Brickplanet's workshop a lot more than scripting, and today's throwback is a perfect example of great building. Today we're revisiting....

Tropical Obby

Created by TwelyLeo

This pirate obby is one of the greatest to be seen on Brickplanet! With it's bright aesthetics, excellent building, and challenging courses, it's a game you don't want to miss! It's also been played over 1.6k times! Check it out this pirate-themed adventure when you get the chance

Check it out here!

Group of the Week

We're already half way through the Showcase Nominations! There's many different types of groups on Brickplanet, whether you're into trading, building, talking, or possibly... researching. This week's winner is...

BP News

Created by Bags & Winged

BP News is one of the oldest lasting groups on Brickplanet, it releases new articles detailing all that's happening around Brickplanet and has been doing so since the site's opening, they also have their own HQ and loads of nice looking merchandise! Owner bags has been working on articles and right now posts them 2 times a week, check them out! We're glad to have news sources to better summarize brickplanet and BP News is one of the best at doing this!

Check the group out here!

Clothing of the Week

Clothing is one of the biggest things to get involved in on Brickplanet, there's hundreds to thousands of them with a lot of those being awesome quality. Shirt creators are an important thing to brickplanet and we will showcase those we find the greatest and hardest working here all one day. Today's winner is...

PN Brick Planet (Clothing Line)

Created by picnic

The PN Brick Planet clothing line created by user picnic is one of the most expansive ranges of clothing found on Brickplanet with over 95 different shirts! It has shirts that have been sold over 800 times with some even making their way to our featured page! Make sure to check it out and buy a piece if you're looking for a line that sells some of the most stylish bundles, pants, and shirts!

Check their store here!

User of the Week

The biggest nomination of all, there's many great users on brickplanet, whether they're active in foruming, trading, creating, etc. and excellence on brickplanet is something Brickplanet Showcase looks for all the time. This week's winner is....


pomatthew is one of the greatest and most active developers on the site today! He's made a bunch of awesome games that have been played by hundreds, some even reaching over 3k+ vistits! These titles include. Survive the Disaster, Falling Swords, and The Floor is LAVA! He is a very talented scripter and active participant in our community, great work and congratulations pomatthew!

It's a Wrap!

Thanks for reading the second article, we've made some changes to this article and we hope to continue to take your feedback and turn it into something better!

Our next article will be on November 24th, we will make sure to try and keep this weekly schedule, however if we have to delay or are unable to meet a date, we'll keep you guys posted in our Brickplanet Showcase discord server!

Until next time, farewell Planetarians!