Brick Planet Showcase #4 - The Return!

Hello Planetarians!

Welcome to the fourth and returning article of the planet-wide sensation, Brickplanet Showcase! It's been awhile since we've done one of these, and with the recent festivities with Halloween, upcoming progress, and an ever expanding catalog of awesome user creations, we're here today to present you with what's happening around Brickplanet!

What's new?

Halloween Festivities

We've just wrapped up our Halloween festivities! This includes the Story Contest, the Trick or Treat event, and lots of great spooky items! It's been a thrilling and great experience getting to bring you guys more great things to express creativity and passion into, and we hope to do more great things in the future.

If you have any ideas for future events, contests, or any community related festivities, please let us know in the Suggestions subforum, we're always on the lookout for great things!

Brickplanet on Twitch

Brickplanet has made it's way to Twitch and will stream on the new Brickplanetgames twitch channel! Make sure to stop on by to come play, get free items, and participate in exclusive giveaways!

Make sure to follow us on Twitch here!

Brickplanet on Instagram

Brickplanet is making it's way every where isn't it? In addition to Twitch we've also made our way to Instagram, check it out for giveaways and announcements, as well as a promo code for the Instagram Balloon item!

Make sure to follow us on instagram here!

Veterans Day Items

Veterans Day is an important day to go out and honor the people who fought for the freedoms we have today, to commemorate this we've released new america items and the American Bandana is now selling for half the price, go check it out and show your pride!

Brickplanet Showcase Upgrades

Brickplanet Showcase has received some upgrades! From this article and on, we've retired the Showcase Winner badge and will now distribute unique badges for each nomination category, we've also made a cool Showcase Trophy item, which will be rewarded to any winner of the nominations.

We've also now made our own Discord and Brickplanet Group where you can find information about showcases, & suggest or discuss about the Brickplanet Showcase series, we're fresh and out of the press so we're always open to your feedback and suggestions!

Content Spotlight

Welcome to the Content Spotlight, here you'll find all the same nominations you're used to finding on Brickplanet Showcase, however we've also mixed it up by featuring some past games and events held by users!

Game Of The Week

It's time for our first nomination, Game of the week! Many great games have come around Brickplanet, and we're always excited to go play, explore, and check out more, so without further wait, the winner is...

God's Tower ㅣ 신의 탑

Created by Perilous

This obby is nothing out of the ordinary, it's immense detail and interesting design of bones and lost time make up a great game, it was played on our twitch streams before and is a challenging yet funny obby with it's fair share of obstacles and jumps. Perilous has definitely worked hard and we hope to see more from this game in the future!

Make sure to check out the game here!

Game Showcase

We know, the client isn't the easiest to use and not many go out of their way to make masterpieces nowadays, so we've created a new category to go over old games made on Brickplanet that are ones for the history books!

This week's blast from the past is...

Super Mario Sunshine delfino Plaza showcase

Created by Warkbul

This astonishing build with over 2,000 visits is still as impressive today as it was back in the old Brickplanet, the build features detailed buildings, trees, a full mountain, and tons of area to explore. This build by Warkbul will certainly not go unnoticed in the history of Brickplanet's builds and is always a fun one to check out for yourself.

Make sure to check out the game here!

Group Of The Week

The second nomination has come around, Group of the Week! There's so many great communities being sparked through Brickplanet, and we'll be making it our mission to cast a spotlight upon all that are showing the best in Brickplanet communities, this week's winner is...

The Homiebase

Created by NotWaffles

The Homiebase is a group created by NotWaffles in which planetarians hang out together and participate in fun events and activites, the group has gained 30 members in a short amount of time and is proving to quickly become one of the best places to get together and hangout across Brickplanet!

Make sure to check out the group here!

Clothing Of The Week

The Third nomination is here, clothing is one of the most important things to ever come across the Brickplanet platform, everyone wears or has it in some form, and the greatest artists and clothing makers of brickplanet have helped make the store a place of quality and choice, with all that said, this week's winner is...

Infinity Suit

Created by _David

This fancy suit created by user _David is definitely one for the stylish side of Brickplanet, with over 115 sales and a spot on our featured clothing list, this suit is sure to impress. Not to mention, it works perfectly with the Hair of Infinity item, so if you're looking to be classy while also being out of this world, try this out.

Make sure to buy the shirt here & the pants here!

User of The Week

Our fourth and final nomination, user of the week. This reward is given to the best of planetarians who make a difference in the website, whether it be through creativity, kindness or motivation, they've made their mark on the site and aren't users to be forgotten, this week's winner is...


Kodak is an active user of brickplanet who is around to help and give support to users of Brickplanet, he's been an encouraging player in the community with his kindness and has even made his way to being part of our discord moderation team!

It's a Wrap!

Thanks for reading everybody, me and the engagement team are excited to recreate the popular Brickplanet Showcase for you, and we hope that with the same exciting categories, and the new rewards to collect, you are excited too.

Our next article will be on November 17th, we will make sure to try and keep this weekly schedule, however if we have to delay or are unable to meet a date, we'll keep you guys posted in our Brickplanet Showcase discord server!

Until next time, farewell Planetarians!