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BrickPlanet: Our Plans

BrickPlanet: Our Plans
Credit to Plotagon on BrickPlanet

All of us at BrickPlanet are happy to announce that we are returning! Throughout the next few months after release, we are going to put our focus into improving BrickPlanet so that creators and players can have more fun. We are thankful for everyone's continued support. Below, you can find a summary of what we're planning:

Game Studio

Our first major change at BrickPlanet is the decision to start our own Game Studio! BrickPlanet will now produce and publish our own games on BrickPlanet.

We are now working on the following games:

Brick Square

The central hub for BrickPlanet. We will host events and tournaments here, offer minigames to play with your friends, and more!

Godfrey City

A roleplay city game. You will be able to play as a Civilian, Cop, Fireman, Criminal, Politician, Military, and more! Buy cars, homes, start businesses, or run for governor in this ever-changing city!

More games will be announced in the future!


BrickPlanet will be trying out a new system called Tournaments. Here's how it will work:

- Players can join or create Guilds, and can become eligible to compete as a team

- On a recurring basis (to be determined), eligible Guilds will compete against other eligible Guilds for rewards.

- Tournaments will take place in a game managed by BP staff. Tournaments will also be live-streamed on YouTube & Twitch.

- Each tournament will be 1v1, with the last standing Guild being the winner.

All of the tournament details we have mentioned may be adjusted, as this is a new system we are still working on.

Game Client & Workshop

We are also recreating our Client & Workshop from the ground up. While we develop the new pair, we're re-opening with the original Client & Workshop for the time being.

Tools To Help Game Creators

We're constantly looking for ways to help creators on BrickPlanet. BrickPlanet will offer starter game props (scripts, textures, audio, 3D models, etc) to help game developers.

BrickPlanet will also be creating scripting and building tutorials to help new developers and designers.


In summary, BrickPlanet is returning at popular request from many players (email, twitter, etc). I have personally worked hard to educate myself to ensure that BrickPlanet can stay successful and open.

BrickPlanet is close to opening for beta testing. Once it starts, we will publish a new blog post with more information.

Once again - thank you for supporting BrickPlanet. Let's have fun! See you soon.