Brickplanet is having an Avatar Contest on Instagram!

Hello Planetarians,

As we get surfaced on social medias, we've decided to host a fun activity for you guys on our Instagram. If you've ever wanted to show off your coolest Brickplanet outfit, or possibly the landscapes to accompany those looks, now is the time to do so in our Instagram Avatar Contest!

How do I participate?

Ready to show off your creations? Look no further! Here's the instructions!

  1. Set up your avatar with your best outfits! Special items count!
  2. Take a picture of it, either downloading it from your profile or a screenshot.
  3. Once you've got your photo, post it on Instagram with the following information in the description of your photo:
  • Your Brickplanet Username
  • The #brickplanet hashtag
  • At us by tagging our name @Brickplanetofficial

How do I download a picture of my avatar?

Apple users:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click and hold on your avatar
  • Swipe up with the image of your avatar  
  • Click on Save to photos  

Android Users:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click and hold on your avatar  
  • Click on "Download image" alternatively, you can also click on "Share Image" and post your photo directly to Instagram!

What're the rewards?

Think you have the best outfit on BrickPlanet? If so you have a chance to win these cool rewards! We'll be picking 5 winners!

  • 1000 Credits!
  • A Special New Instagram Themed item!
  • Your avatar will be showcased for others to see on our social platform!

How long will the contest last?

We know art and fashion takes time, the contest will be ending on Friday, November 22nd. After this point any late submissions will not be accepted, so make sure to get your posts in before the date!

All set and ready to shine? Go off and post your best avatars, we can't wait to see what you creative Planetarians come up with!

Good Luck, Planetarians.