Brickplanet's Halloween Story Writing Contest!

Hello, Planetarians!

We're proud to announce our next and spookiest contest of them all, the Brickplanet Halloween Story Writing Contest! We know many of you may want to write the next brickplanet thriller, or maybe write the next backstory to the mysterious Doppelganger... and now is the time to show your next bestsellers off!

Where do I start?

Wondering how to participate in this thrilling contest? Look no further, we've opened up a brand new subforum for you and other fellow authors to present their work, all you have to do is write a story following the guidelines below, publish it by making a thread in the new Brickplanet Halloween Stories subforum, and you're set!

Before you submit your chilling stories, please read and make sure all guidelines have been fulfilled before posting, failure to comply with these guidelines will have you automatically disqualified.

  • All Submissions must be relating to or referencing Brickplanet and Halloween
  • All Submissions must follow all Brickplanet rules and terms
  • Your Submission must be original!
  • Your Submission must be more than 50 words
  • Your Submission must feature the name of the story in the title.
  • You may only submit one story.

If you have any questions regarding whether your piece is following these rules, ask a fellow user or ask the engagement team, we can help make sure your story is in line to be the next Brickplanet thriller!

How long do I have?

We realize writing takes time, and we don't want to rush your literature, the contest will last for a week giving you 7 days to write your next big hit! The subforum will be closed after the deadline and submissions will be checked soon after.

The subforum will close on October 11th, 2019 at exactly 12:00AM CST

What are the prizes?

Now for the most thrilling time of all, the prizes!

There'll be 5 winners, who will receive the following:

  • A Contest Winner achievement, with a twist
  • An exclusive item
  • Winners' stories will be showcased on our upcoming blog posts regarding the Halloween season!

As for the rest of you writers, all that followed the guidelines and submitted a story before the deadline will receive a special Participant Achievement!

We wish the best of luck to you, writers, authors, and future book sellers of brickplanet. We're very excited to review some of your thrilling brickplanet stories and hope this gets you in the spirit for whats to come!

Good Luck, Planetarians