Brick Planet's Obstacle Building Contest Winners!

Hey, Planetarians!

The voting stage for Obby Building Contest has come to an end!  The community sent in some cool, fun, and creative entries. We saw everything from how to escape prisons, leaving class by jumping on drum-sets, and so much more. We hope you had as much fun as we did checking out all your submissions.

We’ve went through hundreds of great Obby submissions and picked nine finalists who we think took the (Be Creative) requirement to another level. After a week of voting, we’ve narrowed the total of 9 Obby Building contest submissions to the top 3.

Each of the finalists will receive an exclusive Obby Crown as a prize! The top 3 will from the nine will receive the Obby Building Contest Winner achievement and 500 Credits!

The Results

Without further delay, here’s the moment you all have been waiting for... The winners of the Obby Building Contest!

 Insane School Obby! By Usual

Super Mega Fun Obby! By Finale

Escape Prison Obby! By zachary

BrickPlanetObbyContest ll Training Facility By FrancklinDay!

Congratulations! You guys won the special Obby winner achievement, 500 Credits, and a cool Obby Crown!

Didn't see your name in the top finalist? No worries! Everyone who entered the contest will receive a special participation achievement and this oversize Obby Hammer!

The Oversized Hammer of Obby Building

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, whether you submitted a game or cast a vote. We appreciate the effort you all put into your creations and hope you had a wonderful time participating!