Brick Planet Showcase #3

Hey there, Planetarians!

What's New?

We're hosting our first contest, it's based off of obby building. Entries must be in by September 4th, so you still have time! Check it the blog post regarding it here. There's also a new member to the staff team, please welcome Awoobis to the team!

Alright, so... Who Won?

Player of the Week

Results are finally in... it seems like the Astro community selected CrystalCoke to be our winner. Congratulations! He won the category with 1 total nomination, and 16 votes. CrystalCoke is one of our awesome Discord moderators, making sure to keep everyone in check to make sure our community is a safe and welcoming environment for all players. He's active in the discord and is always there to chat with players. If you're not already in the Discord, you can join it by clicking here!

Asset of the Week

Second up, we have our asset winner. Congratulations to Maddie and their "Pink Tube Top x Random Plaid Slit Skirt". This shirt was designed by Maddie, and won the category with 1 nomination, and 17 total votes. It only has 4 sales, but there's always hidden gems out there... and this seems to be one of them. Go check it out! Maddie is always designing more clothing, so there will always be more to add to your Backpack.

Game of the Week

Next up, we have Prison Break, by the Prison Break development team, owned by AirPods. Congratulations, to them! This is a Work-In-Progress game where to objective is to escape prison, and begin life as a criminal. There's going to be wanted levels in the future, the higher it is, the more the police will be on your tail. This game has tons of detail, and tons of potential. Show Prison Break some love by checking it out!

Group of the Week

Finally, this one goes to Wholesomeness, owned by Ify. Wholesomeness is a community that helps promote new designers, new groups, participate in giveaways and game-nights. They help users who are trying to become successful on the website by assisting in helping fund advertisements, and more. It's good to see a group like this trying to help the BrickPlanet community. Good job, Wholesomeness!

It's a wrap!

Thanks for reading this weeks showcase! Don't worry, we do these every-other Sunday... marking the next one on 09/01/2019. See you next time!