Brick Planet Showcase #2

Hey there, Planetarians!

What's New?

Out of the 4 nominations for each category, we've decided to have one of the nominators be one of our own users instead of just staff members. This week we ran a random giveaway inside the Astro Discord chat - loves was the winner. They were able to nominate a selection in each category that Astro later voted on with the rest of the nominations. We've also introduced a new category - groups! We'll be looking for groups that you all seem to love and have contributed greatly to the Brick Planet community.

So... who won?

Player of the Week

Finally! We're here! For our first category, we have our Player of the Week. Congratulations to Cait (AKA wcm2)! Cait won the player category with 1 nomination, totaling in 33 votes! Cait has been an active user in our Discord, assisting players with any issues that they've been having, helping report content that isn't appropriate for the site, and just being a cool person to chat with. In fact... she's also our newest staff member! Welcome Cait to the team, she's earned it.

Asset of the Week

Second up, we have the asset winner. Congratulations to GOLF WANG and their Bumble bee button up! This shirt was designed by GOLF WANG's owner, chal. The asset won the asset category with 1 nomination, totaling in 20 votes. It has 176 sales! Wow! The community really seems to back this one up, so go check it out! GOLF WANG has released TONS of assets, 100% designed by chal himself, so we definitely will be seeing more, I personally can't wait.

Game of the Week

Next up, we have Josh's Minigames by... Josh... yea, I guess you could've guessed that. Congratulations, Josh! This randomly selects minigames such as obbies, where you race to beat your opponents to the finish line, or even a sweeper minigame where you compete with other players to be the last one standing. Hopefully we'll see more and more minigames joining the collection soon, Josh is quite the scripter. Are you the best? You better prove it... good luck! Check it out, you won't regret it!

Group of the Week

Last up, we have our newest category in the Showcase. Congratulations to Profit, Sell, Trade! This group is targeted to traders or people who want to join the trading community. PST is the biggest trading community on the website. They aim to give people tips and tricks when it comes to trading to help them profit and start/grow their trading career on Brick Planet. The community is tightly knit and is open to everyone. Good job to the team that run Profit, Sell, Trade, you've done great work on Brick Planet.

It's a wrap!

Thanks for reading this weeks showcase! Don't worry, we do these every-other Sunday... marking the next one on 08/18/2019. See you next time!