Brick Planet Showcase #1

Hey there, Planetarians!

We're happy to finally be releasing our very first Brick Planet Showcase. Are you ready to check out the winners? You better be! We have some great picks that all of you from Astro helped us select.

What is the Brick Planet Showcase?

The showcase is where our media team goes out and searches for developers of popular games, assets that had time, effort, and lots of detail put into them, and players who have been a great addition to our community. We then hold a vote inside our Discord server for Astro membership users to vote on our selection. The winners get to be featured in the showcase, along with a permanent badge that gets added to their profile. Pretty cool, huh?

So... who won?

Player of the Week

Coming up with our first category we have our Player  of the Week. Congratulations to Ify! Ify won the user category with 2 nominations, totaling in 31 votes. He's been a great help to us, especially in our Discord. He's one of our fantastic Discord Moderators, continuously keeping our server a safe and friendly environment for all users! He runs a group named "Wholesomeness" where all profits made from the group go to helping other groups and other users. Pretty wholesome, right?

Asset of the Week

Second up, we have the asset winner. Congratulations to Revenue and their Purple Plaid Cutoff shirt! It was made by Revenue's ex-designer "Loyal". The shirt won the asset category with 1 nomination, totaling in 25 votes. It has 9 sales in total, but the community seems to really like it. Go check it out! We hope to see more coming from Revenue soon.

Finally... Game of the Week

Lastly, we have Dashed by DB1. Congratulations! This game is very well made and competitive. Dashed has multiple maps where players have to race to the end through obstacles- make one wrong moves and you're done. It has leaderboards to look at other player's times on the different maps that the game offers so you can set a goal for a time that you want to get. Want to be the best? Well, you better show the rest of Brick Planet what you're made of! Check this game out, it's a blast.

Game creator, DB1, and his friend, watch, on user-created Map, "Flooded Town". Map by: Austo
Game creator, DB1, and his friend, watch, standing in-front of the leaderboards.

It's a wrap!

Thanks for reading the showcase! Don't worry, we'll be doing these every-other Sunday... marking the next one on 08/04/2019. See you next time!