2019 Trick or Treat event has come to an end!

Hello, Planetarians! Our 2019 Trick or Treat event has come to an end. We asked you guys to go around the site and hunt for candy to obtain a new temporary currency called Skullbux to obtain cool items. There  was exactly 2,558 users that participated, wow! We thank everyone who has participated and hope you guys had a good time collecting SkullBux for the spooky items. Every user that has participated in the event will be receiving the "Trick or Treater" badge.

You guys have collected a LOT of candies! 1,506,134 to be exact. And to top that off, you guys have collected 1,652,494.25 SkullBux! Wow, that's a lot of clicking! We would like to congratulate the top 10 users who has collected the most. Here's the list of the top 10 users:

Spinel - Collected 94,300.00 SkullBux

PerSix - Collected 79,161.80 SkullBux

Internet - Collected 53,525.00 SkullBux

ComplexBinary - Collected 45,249.00 SkullBux

3_D - Collected 41,810.20 SkullBux

Zangoose - Collected 39,298.00 SkullBux

Jaden - Collected 38,719.00 SkullBux

wonk - Collected 36,398.80 SkullBux

Rag - Collected 35,238.20 SkullBux

Armadillo - Collected 34,723.80 SkullBux

Congratulations to these users! We hope you had fun collecting during the 2019 Trick or Treat event. Spinel, PerSix, Internet, ComplexBinary, 3_D, Zangoose, Jaden, wonk, Rag, and Armadillo will receive a badge called "SkullBux Master" and a special pumpkin! Pumpkin Crystal that is! Here's the link for the Pumpkin Crystal: https://www.brickplanet.com/store/306195/pumpkin-crystal

In conclusion, we've had fun collecting the SkullBux and hope you did too! We would like to thank everyone that participated in this Trick or Treat event, and major congrats to the top 10! Remember not to spook anyone while wearing these items. Have a good day!