Brick Planet Labor Day Sale

Hey Planetarians!

First off, we'd like to say HAPPY SEPTEMBER! Time for falling leaves and hot chocolate! I can smell it now. It's Labor Day weekend! This means sales, sales, sales and more sales! What's a better way to celebrate than getting some awesome deals in the store and half off all Upgrade packages? Yep - that's right! 50% off all currency packages and Astro memberships!

The Labor Day Sale lasts from Sunday, September 1st until Tuesday, September 3rd. You can follow the sale via our official Discord server and Twitter account!

What kind of sales will be taking place?

For this phenomenal occasion, we will be selecting several items to reduce the price for, put back on sale for a short period of time, and/or turn into uniques! But wait, there's more! ALL currency packages & Astro memberships will be 50% off meaning that the regular prices for currency will be dropped for a limited time only so buy them now!

How long does the sale last?

You'll want to keep watch out on the store as you'd only have a few days to get some exceptional deals! Save those credits, Planetarians! We have big things planned!

Other News

We are extremely excited to share the latest features and updates coming to Brick Planet soon. Remember, we'd like to hear the community's suggestions so if you have any, we urge you to post them in our Suggestions subforum. We look forward to seeing your ideas!

That's all for this blog, folks. Until next time! If you have any comments, questions, and/or concerns, feel free to reach out to our Support Team at [email protected]